Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall leather jacket frenzy inspired by Sarah Palin

You read right...I said it. A little over a month ago I happened to be watching Dancing with the Stars (mostly because I had not yet commandeered the remote that evening). Good old Tom Bergeron was interviewing Miss Sarah Palin. My jaw almost hit the floor. She looked a little more fashionista; a little less politician.

Immediately I knew I had to do a post all about the perfect brown leather jacket for fall. Though this necessary fall wardrobe stable can get a bit pricey, keep the style classic and you will be rocking leather luxury for a lifetime.

Kenna-T Riveted Leather Jacket $298.00 at Nordstom

Fallon Leather Bomber $300.00 at Abercrombie

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carrie Underwood talks Women's Health flaunting some fabulous jewelry

Any and all of my friends know that Carrie Underwood is my ultimate celebrity idol. To me she is today's quintessential walking, talking Barbie doll. Not only is she gorgeous, but her fashion sense is impeccable. So it's no surprise that I picked up the October issue of Women's Health.

What really caught my eye and sparked the inspiration for this post is the outfit she sports on the inside spread. The apparel itself is perfectly basic -- shorts paired with a crew neck cashmere sweater. This combination creates the opportune fashion backdrop for showcasing some drool-worthy jewelry. Along with my girl crush on Carrie, it is widely common knowledge that I am a jewelry fiend and can almost always be seen sporting more than just a few bracelets. Presto! Shopping list inspiration...

1. Mixed Media Chain Bracelet

2. Chunky Chain Bracelet

3. Multi-Strand Beaded Bracelet

Friday, October 8, 2010

Holy High Price Imposter! From the pages of fashion mags to the aisles of Target.

Rewind three weeks ago. Magazines featured spread after spread of fabulous fall boots. As I flip through, giving each pair the thumbs up / thumbs down in my head, I stop and stare. My focus stuck on a beautiful pair of tan and tall Steve Maddens with an unexpected accent of red fabric on the zipper that runs up the back. I longed to own them…unfortunately I also longed to have the expendable income with which to purchase them. Fast forward a week. My days off of work are inevitably full of cleaning and hanging up all the clothes that have found a temporary home on the floor of my closet. This particular day I was spending a little more time than usual on the task unpacking my fall/winter clothes only to come up short on hangers. While en route to Target I figured the apparel and footwear sections deserved a quick walk through. I believe my facebook status went something like “Holy crap Target ripped off the Steve Maddens I have been drooling over!” These affordable beauties have quickly become my skinny jean go-to, even for work. That says something for someone who spends eight hours a day five days a week running around a sales floor like a madwoman. After a plethora of compliments on them, I decided it would be a good idea to share my find with the rest of the world. Enjoy the footwear doppelganger below. You never know what kind of treasure you’ll find if you veer off your shopping course only a couple aisles. ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sara Evans's gets "A Little Bit Stronger," but stays her fashionable self

Have you seen the new Sara Evans’s video? If your answer is no, check out “A Little Bit Stronger,"currently streaming on CMT. The song itself is a bit heart wrenching and seems quite autobiographical (note the drama she unfortunately endured…oddly enough the release of her latest video is about 4 years ago to the date that the news first broke). But what caught my eye and the reason for this blog were the outfits she sports. Showcasing fall fashion perfection, she is poignantly wear now. Kudos to Miss Evans’s stylist who dressed the artist in three of this seasons major trends – a crisp plaid button up, a cozy knit wrap sweater and a pair of fits-like-a-glove grey skinny jeans. After reveling in my excitement at Sara's triumphant return and her Oh Snap! moment, I hopped online to compile the following Sara Evans inspired shopping list.

Plaid Perfection

While Sara's red tartan epitomizes classic plaid, there is a world of plaid out there. So go play. To all the rebels -- feel free to explore the world of unconventional colored plaids.

Not to plug or anything, but AE button ups are a phenomenal fit for the price.

Sweet Sweaters

Sara rocks a cozy waffle-knit grey sweater throughout the video. The key here is a textured knit; not necessarily a thick knit. Thick knits are bulky…bulky adds bulk ;)

 Calvin Klein “Belted Texture Cardigan” in Soft Grey -- $79.00

Gorgeous Grey Skinny Denim

The finale in Sara's fall fashion trifecta is that perfect fitting pair of grey skinnies. Grey pants are showing up in so many cuts and fabrications this season.  Have fun! Rock some grey bootcut jeans or cords while you are at it.

So glad to see Sara Evans is back and even more glad to see she remains the same phenomenally fashionable and graceful country star!