Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carrie Underwood talks Women's Health flaunting some fabulous jewelry

Any and all of my friends know that Carrie Underwood is my ultimate celebrity idol. To me she is today's quintessential walking, talking Barbie doll. Not only is she gorgeous, but her fashion sense is impeccable. So it's no surprise that I picked up the October issue of Women's Health.

What really caught my eye and sparked the inspiration for this post is the outfit she sports on the inside spread. The apparel itself is perfectly basic -- shorts paired with a crew neck cashmere sweater. This combination creates the opportune fashion backdrop for showcasing some drool-worthy jewelry. Along with my girl crush on Carrie, it is widely common knowledge that I am a jewelry fiend and can almost always be seen sporting more than just a few bracelets. Presto! Shopping list inspiration...

1. Mixed Media Chain Bracelet

2. Chunky Chain Bracelet

3. Multi-Strand Beaded Bracelet

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